Customer Service Joys

Yes, this is an anti-rant! I feel a need to get up and shout about a couple of instances of phenomenally good customer service.

Customer Service Joy #1: MoistureCure:

I bought a dehumidifier some time ago from MoistureCure. It was a fairly large thing, weighing about 20Kgs. Last January, it died. Just stopped working. This was still in the warranty period but with one thing and another it was March before I finally picked up the phone to call MoistureCure. That’s when I realised it was out of warranty. They accepted my word that it died in January (I had no proof) and agreed to fix it under warranty. A friend of mine who was visiting Port Macquarie agreed to drop it off there. MoistureCure not only fixed the unit at no charge, but they then shipped it back to me free also (and by the way 20Kgs is a fair shipping cost). Dealing with MoistureCure was a joy.

Customer Service Joy #2: JMG Technology:

At various times, I have bought various bits of tech equipment from JMG Technology. The ADSL modem that I bought a few years ago turned out to be so great that I got the same one for the office and for the parents. Recently (and outside it’s warranty) it’s wireless (WiFi) service stopped working. I gave Jason from JMG a call, and he advised me that the newer models had a 2-year warranty, so he would try to get the modem fixed under the warranty it would have had if it had been a newer model. Within hours he had a reference number and an address to send it to. A few days later, it arrived back in the post, not repaired but completely replaced. Every dealing I have had with JMG has been extremely satisfying, and I routinely recommend them to others.

It’s All About Satisfaction

The implied purpose of any business is to make money, but some do it with utmost understanding and respect for their customers. We should trade with these businesses whenever we can, in preference to others that may be larger or cheaper or have a bigger marketing spend. In the long run, investing in someone who values customer satisfaction can only lead to more customer satisfaction.

Do you have a joyous customer experience you wish to share? I’d love to read about it, please post in the comments.

2 Replies to “Customer Service Joys”

  1. Thank you for you for your comments, they are very much appreciated.It’s great when we get a phone call thanking us for good service, it’s even better when someone takes the time and posts it online so every one can share your story.
    Customer satisfaction is what drives our business every day, and we hope this is one of the drivers that makes our business stand out like a white horse in a herd of brown horses.Thank you again, Geoff.

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